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I post regularly, often once or more a day, on international crises that relate to issues of war, conflict propaganda, media and journalism in the context of ongoing struggles between incumbent and aspirant imperial powers. Currently, because of its seriousness, I concentrate on what I call NATO’s proxy with Russia over Ukraine which links with many other sources of crisis in international relations or of actual crisis any of which could flare into World War Three and/or nuclear scenarios.

I am an emeritus professor of Bowling Green State University, Ohio and of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (California). I continue to teach at the California State University, Camarillo and undertake occasional lecturing for the Higher School of Economics in Moscow. Previous institutions with which I have taught include the University of Leicester (Centre for Mass Communication Research), Open University, City University, Imperial College, and the University of Essex. I have also taught for single semesters at the Baptist University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and I have made several teaching visits to Shanghai Normal University, Chinese Culture University in Taipei and others.

My most recent books are Russiagate Revisited: Aftermath of a Hoax (edited with Stephen Marmura) Conflict Propaganda in Syria: Narrative Battles (to be published 2021 by Routledge); Media Imperialism: Continuity and Change (with Tanner Mirrlees, 2020, published by Rowman and Littlefield); RussiaGate and Propaganda: Disinformation in the Age of Social Media (Routledge, 2020); Western News Media and the Ukraine Crisis: A Study in Conflict Propaganda (Routledge, 2017), and Media Imperialism (Sage, 2015). My first book, The International News Agencies, was published in 1980 by Constable/Sage. Forthcoming titles include Afghanistan: Aftermath of an Occupation (provisional title), edited with Sumanth Inukonda and Lara Lengel, for Routledge 2024; and the Routledge Handbook of News Agencies (edited with Pedro Aguiar) for 2025.

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